Christopher Hayden, Creative Director

Growing up on a farm in rural Ohio, Christopher dreamed of experiencing the world and contributing positively to mankind. He heard his calling in 2001 and enlisted for active duty in the US Air Force. After honorably serving his 4 years developing IT communications networks, Christopher pursued his creative passions and moved to Los Angeles. There, while working as a fine artist and an art director for an art publishing company, he graduated with his BS in Marketing and Business Administration from California State University, Northridge. After graduation, he worked as a freelance art director and designer in a variety of verticals and for agencies in Los Angeles and New York. It wasn't until 2012 that he took on his first new business project for Carat. As it turns out that first pitch was a win and he was immediately hooked.

Those other opportunities helped grow Chris's skillset in other areas, all-the-while honing his new business credentials. In 2015, Chris gave up his freelance lifestyle to join the prestigious ad agency McCann at their flagship office in NYC, as the creative lead for their business development team. While there, he was able to help assist in developing created work for Qualcomm, MGM, and Microsoft. In 2017, Chris joined Havas Media as the SVP, Creative Director, where he currently works as the creative lead behind Havas Media North America and all new business development efforts for Havas Media Group. He now brings his passion and expertise to Motive, supporting candidates, causes, and enterprises that want to do good in the world.