Our Work

We are proud of the work we've created for our clientele: from 360 political campaigns to creating national and local television spots for non-profits. On this page you can see a sample of the work we've made.


"It's Not Over"

When we learned that families were being torn apart at the US border we felt compelled to do what we could to raise awareness of the issue and to direct people to a place where they can help make a difference.


Beto o'rourke - #notacommercial

In mid-2018, Beto O'Rourke, the congressional candidate from Texas, appealed to his supporters to create a 'non-commercial' for his candidacy. He asked people to make something that spoke to their own values and not something pumped out by his campaign. This was our contribution.

Carolyn Bourdeaux - My mission

Congressional candidate Carolyn Bourdeaux, GA07, asked us to create a regional television and web spot for the final push at the end of the primary run-off.

Carolyn Bourdeaux - David Kim 'no vote'

David Kim made some bold claims during the GA 7th primary run-off. Later, it was revealed that he had never voted in his life until his own name appeared on the ballot. While first-time voters should never be discouraged, it's important that we hold our government and our elected officials to higher-standards.