If, for some reason, you have been living under a rock these last few months, you know that primaries are in full swing and mid-term elections are just around the corner in November.

Historical data suggests that voter turnout in mid-term cycles tends to be significantly lower, however this year we have a critical opportunity to block both the GOP and the President’s hateful agenda.

We need to protect women’s reproductive freedom, the environment, the progress we have made in healthcare, immigrant and LGBTQ rights and not watch the continued roll back of the progress we have achieved.

We must turn our anger and frustration about President Trump into majorities in both the House and Senate.

Clearly Americans support the platform of the Democratic party (remember we won the popular vote). Continued attempts at voter suppression by the GOP at the state and local level endanger our progressive agenda. We can’t be lulled into thinking that any race is beyond our grasp or a lock for the GOP. We must fight to win. Changing American demographics suggest that on a national basis the Republicans will face continued challenges competing, but today they still hold too many seats locally and on a national level and they are making judicial appointments that can have long term implications for our core values.

GOP special interests and the far right have been attempting to enact legislation that would disenfranchise voters. More specifically they are actively looking to suppress voter turn out among Democratic leaning constituencies. That coupled with the troubling PAC money that has been running some of the most egregious lies about Democratic candidates and you realize how critical it is that all Democrats turn out and vote. 

So why do we stay at home and not exercise our right to vote and be heard during the mid- terms? Even if you are unhappy with the progress that Democrats have made you cannot fault that we have come a long way and we have many achievements to be proud of but let's keep moving forward together.

If you are a Democrat, you have to get out and vote and continue to support the political agenda that you profess to believe in.